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Urban/Ethnic Church

Created to reach, relate and respond.  Making followers of Jesus Christ in the midst of diversity.

What are the roles of Ethnic Local Church Task Force?

The coordinator of Ethnic Local Church Task Force will resource urban congregations to help them in ministry and identify and connect resources in local settings.

Strategic Planning

The coordinator creates urban strategic plans through:

  • local churches
  • communities
  • community residents
  • community organization, agencies and institutions

Training: The coordinator

  • Coordinates practical training for lay leadership and clergy
  • Develops intentional "awareness" and "inclusiveness" of others
  • Develops "inclusive" local congregations committed to increasing spiritual vitality, mission, outreach, worship attendance and stewardship giving


The coordinator also provides:

  • technical assistance
  • neighborhood analysis
  • consultation and resource identification for holistic growth of congregations and communities

Communication and Advocacy

The coordinator develops and promotes strategies for "inclusiveness" and the urban agenda.


He also identifies and coordinates resources, persons and forums for "inclusiveness" and the urban agenda.

Where should a local church begin?

Make followers of Jesus Christ in the midst of diversity. Answer these basic questions:

  1. What are the growing ethnic groups and/or cultural groups within a 10-15 mile geographic location?
  2. Identify some of the factors contributing to this growth?
  3. What other groups are currently serving the spiritual and other needs of the identified groups?
  4. How effective are others at reaching, relating and responding to met and unmet needs?
  5. What and where are the resources that might relate to met and unmet needs?
  6. Which groups would be responsive and responsible for offering hospitality to the identified ethnic or cultural group?
  7. What adjustments would be required to offer hospitality to the identified cultural group?
  8. How would a new group be invited, received and included?

Consultation Requests

Please let the Center for Congregational Excellence know if your group or church would like a consultation or workshop on one of these four areas:

  1. Strategic Planning Spiritual Formation
    1. Visioning
    2. Mission statement
    3. Planning/implementing
  2. Training: sensitivity and action
    1. Confronting racism
    2. The gift of diversity
    3. Economic legacies community outreach
  3. Resourcing: Connecting
    1. Accessing resources/needs
    2. Identifying resources
    3. Networks/cooperatives
  4. Communication and advocacy
    1. Urban ministry
    2. Intercultural ministry
    3. Churches in transition/communities in transition 

Contact Resources

Center for Congregational Excellence
Contact staff for the Conference Center for Congregational Excellence

General Commission on Religion and Race
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General Board of Global Ministries
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