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Missouri Conference

United Women in Faith!

 Missouri Conference United Women in Faith is now organized into five districts across the Show-Me State: North Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. For a list of churches by district, go here

Each district's page on our website (click on the district's name in the paragraph above or on the left side of the screen to get there) now has a current listing of its Mission Team officers and their email addresses - you can click on names to send email to officers. Districts will also share event information and newsletters on their pages.   

Read about United Methodist Women's name and branding changes at


Mission Today Certificates

District Joy Love Faith Peace Hope

Reporting Forms:

2023 Mission Today Form

Woman in Mission Form

2023 Mai Gray Charter for Racial Justice Criteria

District Mission Today Report Form  District Mission Today Report Form Excel

updated  May 25,2023

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