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For more information on stewardship and to access stewardship resources, please contact Christa Daro or Nate Berneking.


Local Church Finance

  • Learn more about the duties of the Finance Committee in the local church. Click here to view Nate's Just Finance presentation. (Powerpoint viewer is needed to view this presentation.)
  • Learn more about the duties of the Board of Trustees in the local church. Click here to view Nate's Trustees presentation. (Powerpoint viewer is needed to view this presentation.)


Standards and Guidelines for Church Parsonage

Click here for PDF


Housing Allowance Case

Watch Facebook Live interview with Nate Berneking on the decision

Housing Allowance Case FAQs

Gaylor-v-Mnuchin Decision

Wespath's Case Summary

GCFA Summary of Decision

Husch Blackwell's Case Summary


Clergy Tax

This clergy tax packet is a collection of information on tax issues from the General Council on Finance and Administration.

The current Resolution Relating to Rental/Housing Allowances for Retired or Disabled Clergypersons is available here.

GCFA white paper on the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impact on local churches.



To make a donation to the ministries of the Missouri Conference please contact:

Nate Berneking, Director of Financial and Administrative Ministries
Phone 573-441-1770
E-mail: Nate Berneking


The General Council on Finance and Administration

Find more information at the General Council on Finance and Administration website on how they coordinate and administer the finances, property, and statistical resources of the UMC, and safe-guards the church's legal interests and rights.