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All Safe Sanctuaries is completed online. To start online training you must contact contact your local church safe sanctuaries coordinator (LCA). You must complete the entire certification process online. Pastors who need to complete the training must contact the Conference Safe Sanctuaries Office.

The Safe Sanctuaries online system allows you to fill out an application, pay the certification fee, authorize a national background screening, participate in training, and complete automated reference requests or print the forms. 

In order to complete the process you will need to create a user name and password, and you will need a credit card in order to pay for the $30 certification fee. The average online training time is less than two hours; however, the actual time will vary from person to person.

You are expected to complete each step in the process, including reading all of the materials and watching the videos in the training segment. Assessments at the end of each chapter will help evaluate your understanding of the material. You may leave the training and complete the process at a later time; but the work must be completed in less than two weeks. Participants will receive a notification letter when their certification is approved.

Helpful Hints

Your local church safe sanctuary coordinator (LCA) will need you to provide them with your email address. Then your username and password will be sent to that email. Record your username and password, you use the same log in information each time.  Do not create multiple entries.  If you experience difficulties, email Safe Sanctuaries. Usernames and password are case sensitive. You must type in your username and password. You cannot copy and paste them into the forms.


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