Simplified Structure

What is the simplified structure model?

The simplified accountable structure balances responsibility, authority and accountability while bringing the administrative teams of the church together. Finance, trustee, P/SPR and church council teams are combined in a unified leadership board.

This structure does not take the place of program or ministry teams. For example, if your church has had a mission, education, altar decorations or any similar teams, these teams can continue to meet and do their designated work. The nominations team also continues to exist and play a significant role in leadership development. SAS pertains specifically to finance, trustee, P/SPR and church council.

Why would a local church implement this model?

SAS consists of nine to 12 members serving the role of the administrative teams in the local church. This model helps streamline decisions for ministry within the church and gets us all out doing ministry.

How do we go about implementing this?

If a church is interested in moving from a traditional model of leadership to the simplified accountability structure, they need to first let their District Superintendent know. The DS will support this decision by guiding steps for the healthiest transition.

Who do we contact to start the conversation?

First, contact your District Superintendent. If you have questions or are wondering if this model might be a good fit for your leadership to consider, please know you can contact Conference Superintendent Rev. Melissa Dodd,, for some initial discussion.