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April 13, 2021

By Rev. Wesley Ummel,, Morrilton, Arkansas

I had an observation at church last Sunday. There is uncertainty about who is sitting near us because we are all wearing masks! I looked at my image in the mirror just before we left for church, and I looked like some kind of a comic character from the Sunday cartoons!

And there are more unknowns. When the COVID no longer is the primary issue, will our friends be at at our church? I don't remember having so many unknown issues in our lives. Compound that with the normal issues of aging, and it is small wonder there are so many mental health issues.

But thank God for the gifts of science and wisdom and the vaccines! And for the desire to share them freely with those who are less fortunate. And I thank God that I have not had to face the harsh effects of this new disease, and that all of my family are safe and healthy.

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