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March 26, 2021

By Roger Jespersen,, Ballwin, Missouri

Hello, fellow retirees,

Susan and I are back in our old home in Ballwin after 17 years in Southeast Missouri. We have done quite a lot of updating so we are ready to "age in place". I said to Susan one day, "I wonder where I will live next?" Reply: "The nursing home." I was hoping for a more reassuring answer like maybe "heaven." I guess she knows me too well. 

Two of our kids live nearby and the other two in California and Wisconsin. We are both fairly healthy for our ages. I had a heart stent a year ago, and it has been very helpful. It encouraged me to get more exercise. I listen to a variety of books on my almost daily three mile walks and have read a lot about racism and am going to get more active in anti-racism and gender issues, and keep active in Kiwanis, now that we finally have our second COVID shots.

We spend way too much time on computers and TV (even got Netflix). I am starting a small garden with tomato seedlings already up so that and the lawn will keep me outdoors and away from the screen a bit more. I am also enjoying the Zoom calls with SL retirees.

If you are visiting in the St. Louis area we have room for two people in beds overnight and a few more on air mattresses, so stop by or call and see if we can get together for a meal. We would love to see you in person.

God bless you,
Roger and Susan.

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