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March 24, 2021

By Larry Linville,, Pleasant Valley, Missouri

Thelma had a stroke in January of 2020, and we have dealt with that and the complications of COVID-19 for over a year. She has improved slowly but still uses a walker or cane. We have not gone out much except to doctors appointments. We watch worship from our home church, and I watch a couple other churches. We have both had our shots and are relieved about that.

I have kept myself busy writing poetry. I began writing poems about my ministry in each church I've served and posting them on Facebook. I also wrote Advent poems and posted one each day and then I began writing Lent poems and have done the same. This has kept my mind busy and substituted for sermon preparation.

Thelma's sister, Mary (Toby) Wyble died after a long illness and her wife died weeks later from COVID.

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