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October 25, 2020

By James and Marie Powell,, Columbia, Missouri

We two Powells are doing well, staying healthy and safe in our apartment at Lenoir Woods. We are blessed to be well cared for by a staff that works hard to provide everything we need. We get out for drives occasionally, and we do necessary errand running. We enjoy the friends we have here and are able to interact with them in various ways. We have learned how valuable technology is as we make use of Zoom, texting, SKYPE and the good old phone to keep in touch with groups as well as family. Our son, Steve, and family in San Antonio and our daughter, Joy, and family here in Columbia are doing lots of in-home work and school and are doing well. We, like most folks, are eager for this virus to find its way out of our lives, but meanwhile we do the best we can and are comforted by the assurance of God’s love which surrounds us in whatever situation we find ourselves.

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