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October 18, 2021

By Frederick and Laura Ann Zahn, Springfield

Frederick 'n Laura Ann Zahn continue to enjoy retired life in Springfield and give thanks our health. Four surgery challenges have kept us active. Our prayers for those who have had to slow down because of health and the pandemic.

Our three children and their families are all doing well. We are blessed, the six of our 11 who had COVID experienced a light cases before vaccinations were available. What a blessing to have the vaccine available. Our prayers are concentrated on a very good friend of ours, Khalil, who lives in Aboud, Occupied Territories, where our VIM teams serve their elementary school. Khalil was taken prisoner by the Israeli military on January 10. There have been no charges, and his court dates are postponed each month. We can not imagine the heartache and fear his parents are experiencing as they know he was 'just the one picked as his turn' to be arrested in the middle of the night. We are disappointed to not be able to do our annual olivewood craft shows again this year due to social distancing. Though, we are pleased for those churches who are planning the Fundraiser Option - thank you. It has been hard for us to not have the income to send support to Palestinian Christian ministries.

We wish each of you blessed days of autumn. An interesting observation: At our last UM Retirees lunch we each shared a 'positive from the pandemic' - no one allowed to repeat. However, everyone wanted to list a strong positive: Churches have made meaningful use of virtual worship. An opportunity for some to have international participation!

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