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October 30, 2022

By Drs. David and Marsha Kerr,, St. Louis

We value the connection of the Retiree Newsletter! Thanks to the Conference staff for the good work. We miss having the names and addresses of our retired friends in the Conference Journal as we have no means of knowing where folk are living and no connections (phone/address). Identity ...

Speaking of identity, we like the humorous story of President George H. W. Bush and Barbara. She was speaking at a retirement community. All of the lights and cameras were on her as the President was incognito leaning against a back wall. A resident wandered in during the closing of the First Lady's address and stood next to the President. The President turned to the resident and asked, "Do you know who I am?" The resident, without blinking an eye, said, "No, but if you go up to the front desk they can tell you."

Here is another bit of humor: During a summer RV trip to the Rockies, I was in a noisy place, and as my hearing aids pick up everything, I did something I regret. I placed them in a tissue and into my pocket they went. Back at the RV, before hanging up the jacket, I cleaned the pockets and threw the tissues into the trash. The next morning, I realized my error and went to retrieve the tissue. Marsha had already taken out the trash! Picture this: Marsha is half in and half out of the trash dumpster in the attempt to retrieve our trash bag. Thanks be to God that she was successful. She said, "You owe me!"  Mindfulness.

This November we will visit four of our grandchildren in Florida. October brought Central Methodist University's Homecoming where I was among those receiving a Distinguished Alumni Award. CMU is a place of higher learning that I readily point high school juniors and seniors toward. Our garden has been prolific, we survived COVID and there are many other blessings for which we thank God.

We pray for the mission of the worldwide Church as we pray for Christ's light to illumine the dark.

In Christ's hope,
The Kerrs

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