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April 18, 2023

By Drs. David and Marsha Kerr,, St. Louis

We are grateful to Lauren and the Conference staff for making this retiree link possible. Tillich, as you will recall, wrote of ‘non-being’ and upon retirement, most links to names/addresses of our colleagues are in that category.

Marsha and I walk two miles every morning come snow, rain or sunshine. We recall from yesteryear when clergy were given a pedometer or, in today’s lingo, a fitness tracker. Marsha walked 30,000 steps a day for a month and was recognized by our national insurer as being the top walker in the nation! I am trying to keep up :)

She has been a part of a Washington University research project called MEDEX that is focused upon behaviors that may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. She is now vegan and is very conscious of her food choices while another component is daily exercise. (Her mother died after seven years in the long goodbye.)

Our family gathers annually at some chosen destination, and this year it begins in Boston and then moves up along the Maine coastline.

Marsha stays active in PEO, the Daughters’s of the American Revolution and the DA Colonies. I enjoy the outdoors with flowers and garden. I tend the flowers, and she the veggies, and I still value teaching and preaching when needed.

May the ongoing wonder of Easter bring to us the same news of those early disciples: “The followers of Jesus, both then and now, continued to experience Jesus as a living reality after his death. I think the community experienced the power of the Spirit they had known in Jesus continuing to be and to operate” Marcus Borg.

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