November 12, 2021

By David and Marsha Kerr,, St. Louis

We UM clergy families are familiar with moving. During the past several months we have helped family members move. One moved from Kansas City to Denver, one from Michigan to Florida and one within the bounds of St. Louis County. It doesn't get any easier. How many can remember driving a UHaul truck?

We have been blessed in that we have taken the RV to the Atlantic seaboard (Charleston, South Carolina) for the annual family gathering of the Kerr's, a trip to Colorado and another up to Michigan ... nine states this summer. We meet so many interesting people along the highways and byways of this broad land.

Marsha keeps busy with DAR, PEO and together we love gardening to produce both floral beauty and tasty vegetables. She continues with a research project at Washington University.

We go to a friend's acreage and cut firewood for the winter. We will finish splitting and stacking before Thanksgiving. Another gift is that daily we walk a two-mile circuit at 6:30 a.m. Autumn is a glorious time to see God's ongoing touch upon the creation!

I still love to preach, but the pandemic has limited such moments. November 7 I served the Sacrament of Holy Communion at Kirkwood UMC and continue to nurture faith via connections that the Lord places in my path. I continue writing a work that illuminates the ways I have witnessed 'The Unseen Presence'.

We enjoy the retired news as it provides a connection that is valued. We send our love and prayers to one and all in the beloved connection. The Kerr's.

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