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April 01, 2022

By Drs. David and Marsha Kerr,, St. Louis

We do enjoy reading the updates to the Retiree Newsletter. We thank Lauren and the Conference Staff for the good labors in providing this link.

This week we will plant our vegetable seeds in small starter pots that will sit by southern windows. By Mother's Day, we will be past any freezing temperatures, and we'll transfer them to the garden bed. How we enjoy gardening and the resulting nutrition and flavors of fresh veggies.

We have known many who have had COVID. Our medical doctor was hospitalized and had a very rough time. While many have discarded the masks, we still employ their use.

Monthly we exercise our RV's generator and charge up the batteries while taking it down the road. This week when we arrived at the RV site, there was a police car along with an RV owner.  Thieves had cut a large hole in the fence and went to work cutting off catalytic converters. We have a diesel, and the Diesel Particulate Filter replacement comes to $2,600.

When we ponder such a loss as compared with the tragedy unfolding in the Ukraine, we have lost nothing. 'Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons and daughters of God' - Jesus.

Our prayers join your prayers as we pray for the Church and the ongoing News of Easter! May we, as was with those early followers of Christ, seek to offer Christ's saving grace near and far. 

In Christ's hope,
The Kerr's

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