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October 26, 2020

By Carolyn Steinhaus,, Columbia, Missouri

Greetings to you all in these stressful days of COVID-19. I live in a patio home in the Independent Living Village of Lenoir Woods in Columbia. We actually have several of our RUMPS living here which is neat. (RUMPS=Retired United Methodist Pastors and Spouses). Otto and I moved here early in 2016, and he died in April of 2018. We were both content and thankful we could live here.  I still miss him but am thankful that we had 64+ years together. And though I get mopey feeling these days of isolation, I am thankful to be safe and well here at Lenoir Woods.

I have had two major surgeries this past year: Colon surgery a year ago in November 2019 and hip replacement surgery in May 2020. So far all is progressing well, though we just do not bounce back as quickly as when we were younger! To keep out of trouble, I walk outside every day (weather permitting), and exercise at our Lenoir Gym 3x a week. My two book clubs meet on Zoom as do our Mid-State RUMPS, so that helps with one kind of contact. I am glad Missouri UMC can be seen on the computer. Blessings to you all.

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