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November 02, 2022

By Carolyn Steinhaus,, Columbia

Hello to all. I am living in a patio home at Lenoir Woods Retirement Community in Columbia. I am thankful every day to be here. There are several of us RUMPS living here, which makes it fun.  (Retired United Methodist Pastors and Spouses).

We Columbia-area RUMPS all meet monthly for lunch, and the women RUMPS meet monthly for coffee. Otto and I started our RUMPS group when we moved here in 1995 after retiring. And we continue to enjoy meeting together with James and Marie Powell as our fearless coordinators. We have also formed a Women United in Faith Circle which meets monthly here at the Community Center. At our last meeting we all made prayer beads and talked about their meaning. Peggy Jeffries gave us a really good program on some of the changes going on in our United Methodism! Come by and visit when you are in Columbia!

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