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Retiree Newsletter

For many years you may have received a paper or digital Retiree Newsletter, in which Conference retirees of all ages shared life updates and wisdom in a bi-annual publication. Like many things in 2020, the Retiree Newsletter went virtual! We're excited to provide a digital space for you to share longer updates and even photos of what you're up to, wherever you may be.

To opt-in to receive the digital Retiree Newsletter, please sign-up for our email list. For the time being, we plan to still send two editions per year.

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Drs. David & Marsha Kerr: Getting Outdoors

By David Kerr, dr.david.kerr@hotmail.com, St. Louis We have three small gardens and anticipate tasting a delicious tomato in early July. We have an abundance of flowers so we welcome butterflies, hummingbirds and the wonder of God’s creation. Traveling via RV to Missouri State Park and family reunion in Charleston, South Carolina. Prayers for our clergy/laity as they advance Christ’s love and grace. 

Ann Rathert: Invitation to Zoom

By Rev. Ann Rathert, revannrathert@gmail.com, Milwaukee, Wisconsin St. Louis-area clergy have gone to a Zoom format during this pandemic time. We meet each month on the second Tuesdays at 10 a.m. Just wondering if anyone wants to drop by and join us while meeting for lunch is still not possible. Feel free to contact me for the Zoom connection.

Wesley & Joan Ummel: Sunday Morning Thoughts

By Rev. Wesley Ummel, revummel@yahoo.com, Morrilton, Arkansas I had an observation at church last Sunday. There is uncertainty about who is sitting near us because we are all wearing masks! I looked at my image in the mirror just before we left for church, and I looked like some kind of a comic character from the Sunday cartoons! And there are more unknowns. When the COVID no longer is the primary issue, will our friends be at at our church? I don't remember having so many unknown issues in ...

Michael K. White: Serving in Central Missouri

By Mike and Linda White, sinbuster007@gmail.com, Keytesville, Missouri Greetings in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Linda and I are still serving Huntsville UMC and living on Lake Nehai in North Central Missouri. We have been busy with grandparent duties and enjoy watching our children's children grow in the Love and Admonition of the Lord! We were really looking forward to travel last year, but that is for another time, eh? Our bright yellow Goldwing Trike is ready to go, and we...

Eugene and Lettie Morse: Celebrating and Keeping Busy

By Eugene and Lettie Morse, emorse01@earthlink.net, St. Louis, Missouri This past year was one like no other as we learned to adjust and adjust to the ever-changing impact of COVID-19. Zoom and curbside have taken on new meaning. Time now is marked as before and after our “Freedom Day” (for us March 23rd as two weeks after our final COVID-19 vaccine)! We remain in our home in Webster Groves and, barring travel and NOMADS projects, we have been able to do most of our regular things. Lettie ...

Karen Blank-Ewell: Moving and Getting Outside

By Karen Blank-Ewell, Revksbe@yahoo.com, Illinois I’m in the final stages of moving from Lake Sara in Effingham, Illinois, down to Lake of Egypt, south of Marion, Illinois. Shawnee National Forest had several groups that I associate with including, hiking group for seniors and a kayaking club. I’ve spent COVID hiking, biking, kayaking, reading and painting. I spend time with friends and my doggies RV-ing. I’ve been very active in politics and found that my witness is most effective in writings...

Roger Jespersen: Staying Active and Moving to Ballwin

By Roger Jespersen, rjespersen13@sbcglobal.net, Ballwin, Missouri Hello, fellow retirees, Susan and I are back in our old home in Ballwin after 17 years in Southeast Missouri. We have done quite a lot of updating so we are ready to "age in place". I said to Susan one day, "I wonder where I will live next?" Reply: "The nursing home." I was hoping for a more reassuring answer like maybe "heaven." I guess she knows me too well.  Two of our kids live nearby and the other two in California and ...

Janet Petty Kohler: Getting Settled in Georgia

By Janet Kohler, kohler_janet@yahoo.com, Villa Rica, Georgia I have spent almost two years getting accustomed to living in Georgia. I am active in a small United Methodist Church here. I spend a significant amount of time with my grandson Dallas, age two, and his sister Hannah, age five months. I enjoy reading the books that I want to read: Fiction by authors Jodi Picoult, Lisa Jackson and James Patterson. And I have read some of Sample's work. My two little dogs and I walk at least a mile ...

Larry Linville: Recovering and Writing Poems

By Larry Linville, llinville2@kc.rr.com, Pleasant Valley, Missouri Thelma had a stroke in January of 2020, and we have dealt with that and the complications of COVID-19 for over a year. She has improved slowly but still uses a walker or cane. We have not gone out much except to doctors appointments. We watch worship from our home church, and I watch a couple other churches. We have both had our shots and are relieved about that. I have kept myself busy writing poetry. I began writing poems ...

Clayton L. Smith: Celebrating Vaccination and Digital Connection

By Clayton L. Smith, claytonlsmith@icloud.com, Stilwell, Kansas I am feeling more freedom over COVID isolation now that I have had my two vaccinations! We hope to be back in church on Easter Sunday! I even got a haircut and cut my facial hair! I continue to read and write a lot which brings me information and inspiration. I am very active in our digital webinar wonderland. I can recommend Will Willimon's new book, Aging: Growing Old in the Church (Pastoring for Life: Theological Wisdom for ...