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For many years you may have received a paper or digital Retiree Newsletter, in which Conference retirees of all ages shared life updates and wisdom in a bi-annual publication. Like many things in 2020, the Retiree Newsletter is going virtual! We're excited to provide a digital space for you to share longer updates and even photos of what you're up to, wherever you may be.

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James and Marie Powell: Staying Connected During COVID-19

By James and Marie Powell,, Columbia, Missouri We two Powells are doing well, staying healthy and safe in our apartment at Lenoir Woods. We are blessed to be well cared for by a staff that works hard to provide everything we need. We get out for drives occasionally, and we do necessary errand running. We enjoy the friends we have here and are able to interact with them in various ways. We have learned how valuable technology is as we make use of Zoom, texting, SKYPE ...

Doug Kraus: Traveling to See Family and God's Creation

By Doug Kraus,, Innsbrook, Missouri Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, We continue to be bountifully blessed and wonderfully challenged! One big challenge was Hope, my wife, and I getting the COVID-19 virus in March. We traveled to Kearney, Nebraska, for the sandhill crane migration on March 10 and returned Friday, March 13; people come from around the world and someone brought the virus and shared it with us. Thank GOD, we did not pass it on to anyone at Harmonie Church, ...

Robert Neville: A Personal History

By Robert Neville,, Milton, Massachusetts Dear Colleagues, I have been retired now since May 2018, when I was 79 (I'm now 81). From 1987 until my retirement I taught at Boston University in the Philosophy, Religion, and Theology Departments and was chair of Religion and director of the Division of Religious and Theological Studies beginning in 1987. From 1988 to 2003, I was dean of the School of Theology under John Silber and Jon Westling and defended (against them) the ...

Clayton Smith: Coping with the COVID-19 Isolation

By Clayton Smith,, Kansas City-area So much is changing due to COVID-19. Isolation is my greatest challenge. I miss people because I am retired, and I miss even more people because of COVID-19. Perhaps, if I am real honest, I must say, "I miss most people!" For the last two years I have been part of the Renovare' Book Club. I just finished an online discussion of Peter Greig's book, How To Pray, with others from all over the country. We will study and discuss four ...

Bruce and Peggy Jeffries: Celebrating a New Grandson!

By Bruce Jeffries Bruce and Peggy Jeffries welcomed their first grandson, Lucas Ian Jeffries, on September 8, 2020. He is the son of Nathan and Amy Jeffries, both pastors in the Illinois Great Rivers Conference. He was born a little early, so he had some compromised lungs, which with COVID-19 made him vulnerable. So, Bruce and Peggy had to self-quarantine for two weeks before they could visit and hold him without masks. Of course, they both think this little boy is the most precious and most ...

Max Marble: Completed Travels and Canceled Plans

By Max Marble,, Columbia I was going to spend 2020 traveling. The year got off to a good start. In January I traveled in Henry, my 2003 VW Camper Van, visiting friends and relatives in Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. I was to be in India the whole month of March. I had purchased tickets and made reservations for my whole family (daughter, son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren) to fly to India and scatter some of Sally's ashes...

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