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Retiree Newsletter

For many years you may have received a paper or digital Retiree Newsletter, in which Conference retirees of all ages shared life updates and wisdom in a bi-annual publication. Like many things in 2020, the Retiree Newsletter went virtual! We're excited to provide a digital space for you to share longer updates and even photos of what you're up to, wherever you may be.

To opt-in to receive the digital Retiree Newsletter, please sign-up for our email list. For the time being, we plan to still send two editions per year.

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Drs. David and Marsha Kerr: Moving and Traveling

By David and Marsha Kerr, dr.david.kerr@hotmail.com, St. Louis We UM clergy families are familiar with moving. During the past several months we have helped family members move. One moved from Kansas City to Denver, one from Michigan to Florida and one within the bounds of St. Louis County. It doesn't get any easier. How many can remember driving a UHaul truck? We have been blessed in that we have taken the RV to the Atlantic seaboard (Charleston, South Carolina) for the annual family ...

Carolyn J. Steinhaus: Getting Out and Staying Connected in Columbia

By Carolyn J. Steinhaus, carolynsteinhaus@gmail.com, Columbia Greetings to all, I am thankful to still be able to appreciate day-to-day living and some of the many activities offered at Lenoir Woods Retirement Community here in Columbia. Recently we have reconvened a small UMW Circle that went quiet during COVID days. We have several women involved who are either new to Columbia or new to UMW. So, this is exciting, and we have met twice so are off to a good start. I never thought I would be ...

Fritz and Etta Mae Mutti: Staying Engaged in Kansas City

By Fritz and Etta Mae Mutti, fritzmutti@gmail.com, Lee's Summit Five years ago we sold our house in Kansas City North and moved to John Knox Village in Lee's Summit. Several clergy friends also live here. We are active in volunteer responsibilities, and we enjoy our Thursday night dinner group. We are active in the Open Door Sunday School class related to The Summit United Methodist Church.

Ron Brooks: Retired and Happy

By Ron Brooks, rbspstelm@gmail.com, Osage Beach Jan and I continue to enjoy our leisure on the Lake of the Ozarks main channel. Boats are big here. I mean really big and fast! But we love the deer, foxes and raccoons the most. Our rear deck faces the west and enjoy a beautiful view of our sun setting over the water almost everyday. Fortunately, we are blessed with routine activities most days. However, recently I completed a seven-month appointment as an Interim Pastor with the Versailles and ...

Wesley and Joan Ummel: Wisdom for COVID Days

By Wesley Ummel, Morrilton, Arkansas I am impressed with the ability of our current United Methodist pastors and laity to adjust to these changing times. Even the COVID monster doesn't phase them. The Delta variant appears, and they adjust  accordingly. God bless them with continued wisdom and patience. One of my uncles shared this bit of wisdom as we struggle with these dangerous times: "When you are dancing with a bear, and you begin to feel fatigued, you don't sit down. You wait until the ...

Frederick 'n Laura Ann Zahn: Positives from the Pandemic

By Frederick and Laura Ann Zahn, Springfield Frederick 'n Laura Ann Zahn continue to enjoy retired life in Springfield and give thanks our health. Four surgery challenges have kept us active. Our prayers for those who have had to slow down because of health and the pandemic. Our three children and their families are all doing well. We are blessed, the six of our 11 who had COVID experienced a light cases before vaccinations were available. What a blessing to have the vaccine available. Our ...

Barry Freese: An Exciting Announcement

By Barry Freese, bwfreese@gmail.com, Kansas City I’m delighted to announce my engagement to Kimberly Nelson, of Lawrence, Kansas. Kim works for the Federal government supporting substance abuse and mental health services in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska. We’re planning an August wedding next year.

Cleo Kottwitz: Moving and Staying Connected

By Cleo Kottwitz, cdk13@socket.net, Columbia On Easter Monday, Judy and moved into a small duplex at Lenoir Woods Senior Community in southeastern Columbia. Downsizing is a challenge, but we have good support from family and Lenoir staff. We are adjusting to "resort living" as Judy's daughter describes it! We live four doors from Carolyn Steinhaus and around the block from Mel and Barbara West. There are numerous other retired clergy as well as other church friends and former parishioners in ...

Michael and Linda White: Staying Busy With Family, Friends and Fellowship

By Michael and Linda White, sinbuster007@gmail.com, Keytesville We are still in our small lake community in North Central Missouri (Lake Nehai) and enjoy the peace and tranquility of living "off grid"! We still serve the Huntsville UMC and enjoy the fellowship and opportunities afforded in serving the local church. Linda enjoys quilting, crafts and handiwork while I still appreciate the outdoors with biking, motorcycling, fishing, water sports, woodworking and being the handyman around the ...

Roger Jespersen: Joys and Losses

By Roger Jespersen, rjespersen13@sbcglobal.net, Ballwin Susan and I were doing pretty well getting acquainted with our "aging in place" home in Ballwin, a home Susan has owned since 1977, but was updated before we moved in last year. But our son, Dane, passed away from cancer in September at age 52, so we are trying to live with the loss and grief. There have been good things, too. Our son Ross and his wife Mary have gotten settled in Sacramento, and the adoption of their twin foster children ...

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