Beyond Fences Restorative Justice and Prison Ministries

What is Restorative Justice? How do we handle harm, conflict, hurts, offenses when they touch the lives of the community, the Church, the school and yes, individual persons? Most often in our society it is through retaliation, retribution or punishment.

Restorative Justice is a way of healing the hurt, repairing harm and reconciling people, groups, and communities. When someone has been victimized, Restorative Justice asks these questions:

  • Who has been harmed?
  • What is the harm?
  • What needs to be done to repair the harm?
  • Who needs to repair the harm?

When someone has been harmed, efforts are made to find ways of healing. In addition to holding those responsible for inflicting the harm accountable, by aiding and assisting them in repairing and making restitution.

Restorative Justice seeks just ways to repair and heal hurt, while at the same time restoring relationships to individuals, groups and communities. There are many restorative practices which help individuals, groups and communities experience healing, wholeness: restoration and reconciliation.

Beyond Fences

The following are Prison Ministry opportunities for local churches and for individuals:

  1. Every Heart Needs a Second Chance
  2. PenPal ministry
  3. VIC- Volunteers in Correction
  4. Coats for Offenders
  5. Circles of Transformation
  6. Internships and practicum
  7. Puppies on Parole
  8. Faith Teams for Re-entry
  9. Angel Tree ministries
  10. Mentoring
  11. StoryLink Ministry

For more information on how your church and/or group can experience and pursue restorative justice principles and practices or for brochures or information on any of the above programs, please contact:

Rev. Harold Johnson, Coordinator of Restorative Justice and Director of "Beyond the Fences" - Ministries of Restorative Justice

Office: 8800 NE 82nd Street, Suite 107, Kansas City, MO, 64158
Phone: 816-844-9220
Cell Phone: 816-517-5563
E-Mail: Harold Johnson

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