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The Neighboring Movement: Block Map

This block map is a tool to help you know the neighbors who live behind the eight front doors closest to your own. Follow the steps below to discover the power of knowing your neighbor.

Community Resource Guide and Video

Recommended reading as well as useful websites and tools related to community development in rural ministry contexts.

Health Engagement Resources

The University of Missouri Office of Extension offers these tools, strategies and resources to empower your community and improve lives across Missouri.

The Neighboring Movement: Get-Together Guide

This guide was designed to help you plan and host a get-together with a few neighbors. The goal of this gathering is to do something simple and meaningful with a few neighbors who live close to you. This guide will give you four steps, that will help you connect with neighbors, invite them to your gathering and follow up with them once you are done.

The Neighboring Movement: Learning Conversations Worksheet

Get to know the gifts of your neighbors while making connections and deepening relationships. Have these conversations with those who live next door to you where you live, those who live around your church building and those who are leaders in your community.

Digital Resources Related to Substance Abuse in Rural Contexts

Useful websites and tools related to substance abuse in rural contexts.

Digital Resources for the Small Church or Rural Ministry Contexts

Useful websites, funding sources and tools related to ministry in small church or rural ministry contexts.

Small and Rural Church Recommended Reading List

Recommended reading related to small and rural church contexts.

Missouri Broadband Access Data

Data from the University of Missouri Extension on access to broadband Internet across the state.

Rural Healthcare-Related Resources

Useful data, tools and articles related to the state of healthcare in rural Missouri.

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