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A Biblical Reflection of Emotional Health

What does the movie Inside Out have to do with the Bible? The Biblical Reflection of Emotional Health discussion guides use the emotions personified in the movie – joy, anger, sadness, fear and disgust – to explore what the Bible has to say about feelings. This resource includes both a family discussion guide and a small group study that can be modified for any age level.

Good Neighbor Day 2020

Good Neighbor Day 2020: How to Be A Good Neighbor →

Rural Missouri Connections Resources

            Community Development (assessment, collaboration, connection etc.)   Books  Rooting for Rivals: Peter Greer & Chris Horst  Mission Drift: Peter Greer & Chris Horst  Websites & Tools  Spiritual Approach to Community Assessment  Community Resource Guide - Walk-through Video Community Resource Guide - Free Download Missouri Hunger Atlas: Through a series of indicator maps and tables, the Atlas details the extent of food insecurity in all 114 ...