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Multimedia Resources Related to Race and Culture

A list of multimedia resources specifically related to race and culture.

Recommended Group Studies on Race and Culture

A list of group studies specifically related to race and culture.

Glossary of Terms Related to Race and Culture

Terms related to our work in the areas of race and culture.

Episode 28: Disruption, Innovation and the Multi-ethnic Church with Mark DeYmaz

Mark DeYmaz began working for a church when he graduated college. This led to an 18-year career in student ministry in all white churches. In the late 1990s, after a move to Little Rock, AR to serve at a well-established church, it dawned on DeYmaz that the only people of color in an otherwise amazing church were janitors. He quit the church and launched a 20 + year journey of bringing together diverse men and women from all walks of life and economic backgrounds who would worship God together as one.

Faith and Race Podcast & Curriculum

The Faith and Race Podcast is designed to help faithful people of all colors host constructive dialogue about faith, race, and the church. Every episode has a specific focus to help us intentionally think about the intersection of history, institutions, scripture, prayer, race, and justice. The audio recordings will bring diverse insights and experiences into churches, homes, and hearts across Missouri and beyond.

Episode 17: Racial Reconciliation, Justice and the Gospel with Susie Gamez

Susie has a unique perspective when it comes to reconciliation and justice issues. Canadian by birth, Korean by heritage, Mexican by marriage, American by immigration and a woman serving in ministry where the pulpit is predominately all male. She is a Kingdom worker with a heart for desegregating the local church and empowering women to know that they have a vital voice. About Susie: Susie is Canadian by birth, Korean by heritage, Mexican by marriage and American by immigration. She is ...

MOAC20 KINDOM Workshop: The 4 Pillars of a Multicultural Organization

Nikki Lerner leads a workshop on The 4 Pillars of a Multicultural Organization as a part of MOAC20 KINDOM.

Journey4Justice Conversation Guides

Print or download these free conversation guides built to navigate the topics of faith and race. Each conversation guide has interactive questions, answers and prompts to encourage educational conversation.   Download or Print the Dinner Conversation Guide →   Download or Print the Family Conversation Guide →

Sacred Worth Books

Sacred Worth Books is a resource created by the United Methodist Church's General Board of Church and Society. This tool can filter through hundreds of books by title, author, age range, ethnicity, gender, and topic.

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