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Resources for Confronting Racism and Building Beloved Communities

A collection of resources from UMC-related sources.

Mozambique Initiative Mobile Health Clinic Info Sheet and Infographics

The Mozambique Initiative supports access to healthcare in rural Mozambican communities through its mobile health clinics. Oftentimes, geographic distance makes basic health services inaccessible. Mobile health clinics reduce the distance between the community and its medical care. Closing this gap improves outcomes for pregnant women, children under five and those suffering from easily curable, yet potentially deadly, diseases. We’ve created resources, so you can share how mobile health clinics are improving lives with your church group. Access a one-page info sheet, shareable infographics and more.

Native American Ministries Resources

Resources for engaging with Native American ministries, both in honor of Native American ministries special Sunday and beyond.

Bishop Farr's Video on Race and Culture Why

Bishop Farr offers remarks on why it's important that we invest in race and culture work. The Missouri Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church wants to become a brave, empowering place for people from diverse cultures and generations so that we can become a Church for all God’s people

Implicit Bias Course

In Missouri, we are committed to understanding our own biases. Our work in race and culture exists to help us become a place for people from diverse cultures and generations so that, ultimately, we become a Church for all God’s people. The Conference worked with the General Commission on Race and Religion to develop a customized version of their online implicit bias training for Missouri lay and clergy.

Recommended Reading on Race and Culture

A list of books specifically related to race and culture.

Juneteenth Resources

Resources for Juneteenth worship and celebration

Engaging Your Community with Cultural Sensitivity

As the United States population becomes increasingly diverse, it is imperative for churches to develop the awareness and skills needed to interact successfully with people from diverse experiences. Methods that work well with a segment of the community may be irrelevant or inappropriate for other segments of the community. As church leaders seeking to connect with the community, we must be willing to be lifelong learners and willing to implement innovative ways of working with a diverse community. This work begins with understanding how culture operates.

Diversely United Designs for Personal Printing

Show your support for the Missouri Conference's effort to become a brave, empowering place for people from diverse cultures and generations so that we can become a Church for all God’s people. Download a T-shirt design, sticker design, yard sign design and phone wallpaper for your personal use!

Episode 33: From Cuba to Kansas City with Freddy Tames Miraglia

Freddy and his wife Yuri along with their three children answered Gods call to leave Cuba and start a new Hispanic church in Kansas City.

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