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Pastoring in Partisan Times Podcast: Speaking Up and Out with Dr. Leah Gunning Francis

Rising partisanship in our country has made finding common ground difficult. A recent study found that Methodism is one of America’s most politically divided denominations, with both congregants and their pastors roughly split between the Democratic and Republican Parties. This makes the work of a pastor – a spiritual leader to everyone in their pews – hard. Navigating those tensions and modeling new ways of remaining in relationship with those we disagree is not for the weak of heart. Pastoring...

NextGen Conversations: Family Life During COVID-19

Life during COVID is challenging right now, but especially so as a parent of young children. This week we sit down with a panel of four families with elementary-aged children to discuss what life has been like navigating quarantine, mask culture and school as it continues evolve. This honest and real insight into their lives will help shape how churches view ministry right now and why family ministry still holds incredible value, even though it’s more complicated than before. These families share what works for them and how churches can step up to the plate in their lives to make a real difference. It also gets a little silly because what can parents do except laugh through the craziness!

Pastoring in Partisan Times Podcast: Authority and Humility with Rev. Adam Hamilton

In Episode 1 we’re in conversation with Rev. Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, one of the fastest growing, most highly visible churches in the country.

NextGen Conversations: Family Outreach with Mona Candea

In episode two we’re in conversation with Mona Candea, Children’s Ministry Coordinator at Grace UMC in Olathe, Kansas. Mona walks us through the challenging world of COVID-era family ministry. She and her team have evolved the way that they do ministry over the last year, and Mona has a lot of great ideas to share with churches that are struggling with where to start. Through use of new digital media and innovative outreach, there’s a little something for every church to learn.

NextGen Conversations: Family Ministry with Sarah DeClue

NextGen Conversations is a podcast that seeks to empower children’s, family, youth and college-aged leaders to create dynamic, Christ-centered ministries. Local church leaders often don’t have the time, energy or resources required to reshape a nextgen program. Every episode features a conversation with a ministry leader and covers innovative solutions to common problems faced in churches today. We want to give you practical steps to transform the way you do ministry. It’s time to get in on the conversation!

Let's Unpack That! Podcast

Let's Unpack That! celebrated what is happening in local churches around the Northwest district. Topics will include collaboration with other churches, small groups, community involvement, VBS, fundraising and other topics. Access the podcast here!

Faith and Race Podcast & Curriculum

The Faith and Race Podcast is designed to help churches of all colors host constructive dialogue about faith, race, and the church. Every episode has a specific focus to help us intentionally think about the intersection of history, institutions, scripture, prayer, race, and justice. The audio recordings will bring diverse insights and experiences into churches, homes, and hearts across Missouri and beyond.