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Passing the Baton Move Pack

A guide for pastors in transition

Pastor/PPRC Follow Up Process for Right Start: A Process for Good Communication with Pastor and PPRC

This process was created to help ensure that all newly appointed pastors and their PPRC are meeting monthly for at least four months and that they are checking-in on basic topics of the transition process.

Engaging Your Community with Cultural Sensitivity

As the United States population becomes increasingly diverse, it is imperative for churches to develop the awareness and skills needed to interact successfully with people from diverse experiences. Methods that work well with a segment of the community may be irrelevant or inappropriate for other segments of the community. As church leaders seeking to connect with the community, we must be willing to be lifelong learners and willing to implement innovative ways of working with a diverse community. This work begins with understanding how culture operates.

Care in Transition with Amy Thompson

Conference Lay Leader and LCSW Amy Thompson offers a presentation on self-care during pastoral transitions.

Family Transition Videos

See the stories of real Missouri Methodist families making pastoral transitions with children of all ages. Share these videos with your family. The videos are available for streaming or download on our Vimeo channel.

Healthy Boundaries Introduction

Rev. Kim Jenne, Director of Connectional Ministries offers an introduction to healthy boundaries.

Healthy Boundaries: Communication Boundaries Extras

Rev. Kim Jenne, Director of Connectional Ministries discusses social media and Safe Gatherings best practices.

Healthy Boundaries: Misconduct and Harassment

Rev. Kim Jenne, Director of Connectional Ministries discusses misconduct and harassment including lay on clergy harassment.

Healthy Communication Boundaries During Transitions

Rev. Kim Jenne, Director of Connectional Ministries discusses healthy communications during pastoral transitions.

Using MissionInsite For Demographics

MissionInsite can help you understand the demographics of your church's community.

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