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Mental Health Graphics

These mental health resources were created to promote mental health during a crisis.

Psalms by a Bishop

These prayers were written by Bishop Farr during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 10: Emotionally Healthy Leadership with Charity Goodwin

Roger Ross, Director of Congregational Excellence interviews Rev. Charity Goodwin, Associate Pastor of Missouri United Methodist Church about her personal trials and triumphs with emotionally healthy leadership.   

Disciple? Why can’t I just be a Christian?

Use this guide with your small group to discuss what it means to be a committed Christian disciple.

Discipleship and Evangelism

Just the word “evangelism” causes anxiety in most followers of Jesus. The anxiety is caused by the thought that we must take a person from unbeliever all the way to a transformed life, from zero to 60 in four seconds flat. We must plant the seed, water it, raise it to maturity, and bring in the harvest. Yet even Paul did not accept that kind of pressure. Use this guide with your small group to discuss evangelism in your local church context.

Discipleship Commitment

Multiple levels of commitment to discipleship are on display in the lives of followers of Jesus. Discipleship is frequently seen as an option in the church and the bar set for membership requires only a low level of compliance. Many church members comply with the minimum measures of church membership but compliance is not enough to carry out the vision of the church. Use this guide with your small group to discuss the commitment of discipleship.

Discipleship in Relationship with the Local Church

The local church is the body of Christ in our world. The “body of Christ” is too often used as a mere figure of speech, yet that phrase expresses the reality that Christ lives through his people. God’s people, as disciples, extend the life of Jesus to the world through the local church. Use this guide with your small group to better understand the role of the local church.

What is Discipleship?

Many problems in the church today can be understood when we realize that so many church members have not yet decided to follow Christ. The discipleship path is a journey that results from every Christian’s answer to the call, “Follow me.” Use this guide with your small group to consider what discipleship means.

Episode 9: Innovative Mission with Luke Edwards

Revs. Lia McIntosh and Roger Ross speak with Rev. Luke Edwards, trainer for Fresh Expressions US, on innovative mission and how Fresh Expressions can be used to reach people for Jesus Christ and transform the world.  

Passing the Baton Move Pack

A guide for pastors in transition

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