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Episode 17: Racial Reconciliation, Justice and the Gospel with Susie Gamez

Susie has a unique perspective when it comes to reconciliation and justice issues. Canadian by birth, Korean by heritage, Mexican by marriage, American by immigration and a woman serving in ministry where the pulpit is predominately all male. She is a Kingdom worker with a heart for desegregating the local church and empowering women to know that they have a vital voice. About Susie: Susie is Canadian by birth, Korean by heritage, Mexican by marriage and American by immigration. She is ...

Episode 16: Faith, Suffering, and Alpha with Kelly Morton

Episode Description A conversation about meeting Jesus at mile marker 164 on I-55 south, losing a child to an overdose, and walking out that pain by leading Alpha one of the most fruitful and evangelistic ministries of our time. About Kelly: Kelly Morton loves to talk with people about most anything, especially faith. Being an only child and moving around a lot as a kid she learned young how to converse with people from all walks and backgrounds-a skill that has come in handy more than once in ...

Diversifying the Pastor's Study

How do you give voice to a diversity of leadership through your preaching and teaching resources? This is not a definitive list but is the result of Missouri pastors offering titles from their experiences.

NextGen Conversations: Family Ministry with Sarah DeClue

NextGen Conversations is a podcast that seeks to empower children’s, family, youth and college-aged leaders to create dynamic, Christ-centered ministries. Local church leaders often don’t have the time, energy or resources required to reshape a nextgen program. Every episode features a conversation with a ministry leader and covers innovative solutions to common problems faced in churches today. We want to give you practical steps to transform the way you do ministry. It’s time to get in on the conversation!

Episode 15: How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You Are Going with Susan Beaumont

How do you lead when you are stuck between an ending and a new beginning-when the old way of doing things no longer works but a way forward is not yet clear? Beaumont calls such in-between times liminal seasons-threshold times when the continuity of tradition disintegrates and uncertainty about the future fuels doubt and chaos. In a liminal season it simply is not helpful to pretend we understand what needs to happen next. But leaders can still lead. Susan Beaumont is a consultant, coach, and ...

Episode 14: A Life of Ministry and What Mattered Most with Cody Collier

If you have served in ministry for any length of time you will experience great joys and great sorrows. In this episode, we had the honor and privilege of talking with Revered Cody Collier who recently retired after over 40 years in ministry serving United Methodist churches in Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri. Cody reflects on the powerful moments he experienced in ministry, a regret he carries, an experience with the KKK, and an interesting encounter in college with Oprah Winfrey. About Cody: ...

Episode 13: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality with Pete Scazzero

Pete Scazzero, after leading New Life Fellowship Church for 26 years, co-founded Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, a groundbreaking ministry that moves the church forward by slowing the church down in order to multiply deeply changed leaders and disciples. Pete hosts the top-ranked Emotionally Healthy Leader podcast and is the author of a number of bestselling books, including The Emotionally Healthy Leader and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Pete and his wife Geri also developed The ...

Episode 12: Help! The Church Needs More Leaders! With Debi Nixon and Dan Entwistle

Debi Nixon serves as one of the Executive Directors at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, with direct oversight of and Donor Development. She is passionate about the renewal of the church and helps lead Church of the Resurrection’s initiatives for leadership training and resource sharing for churches across the country. Debi has a BS in Marketing and spent ten years in corporate sales, training, special event planning, and retail management. Debi is author of CATCH:...

Episode 11: Turning Crisis into a Blessing with Rebekah Simon-Peter

Roger Ross and Melanie Smollen discuss how to turn a crisis into a blessing with Rebekah Simon-Peter.  

Ignite Camp: Home Edition Graphics

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