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Episode 7: Discipleship Planning with Charity Goodwin and Scott Hughes

Charity Goodwin serves as Pastor of Discipleship at Missouri United Methodist Church in Columbia, Missouri. Scott Hughes serves as Director of Adult Discipleship for Discipleship Ministries. Together they will be sharing their expertise on how to organize groups and extend our relationships. For resources related to this podcast, visit

Episode 6: Missional Communities with Brandon Wrencher

During this Learn and Lead podcast, we’re discussing missional communities. We’ll talk about what your local church needs to start its own missional communities, and Brandon Wrencher will share about The Good Neighbor Movement, a movement that returns to a vision of the local church as networks of small covenant communities that follow Jesus’ way of life in the neighborhood.  

Episode 5: Avoiding the Summer Slump with Bob Crossman and Jimmy Cooper

During this Learn and Lead podcast, we will hear from Bob Crossman and Jimmy Cooper. Bob Crossman serves as a Path One Representative for the South Central jurisdiction. He has planted churches, is an expert in evangelism, and has experience equipping leaders to start New Places for New People. Jimmy Cooper serves as the lead pastor at The Way, a new church started in Wentzville, Missouri. Ordained in 2011, Cooper is passionate about making disciples, his family and the church. He will be ...

Episode 04: The Band Meeting with Scott Kisker & Kevin Watson

Why and how to lead someone to follow Christ for the first time and rediscover relational discipleship in transformation community via their book, The Band Meeting.  In The Band Meeting, Kevin Watson and Scott Kisker give an overview of the richness of this early tradition and introduce a practical approach for growing toward an authentic, transformation-oriented small group experience. Kevin Watson and Scott Kisker, authors of The Band Meeting, will present.

Episode 03: Small Groups with Leanna Weber

A small group is a group of 3-12 people that gathers at least twice a month to experience what it means to Know, Care, Grow and Share. In this webinar Rev. Leanna Weber will share tips and methods for starting a small group ministry at your church. Leanna Weber is an adult ministry director at the Plainfield location of Community Christian Church based out of the Chicago-land area. Early adulting as a high school math teacher, Leanna later found herself drawn to ministry on a full-time basis. Her current role at Community is overseeing adult ministry at their ten locations. She thrives on being a visionary, teammate and seeing other people live in their calling.

Episode 02: Recovery Ministry with Morning Star Celebrate Recovery

A recovery ministry is a group of any size that helps people recover from addictions, such as Celebrate Recovery or another Christian 12-step approach. Revs. Shane Laswell and Keith Scarborough will share about the successful Celebrate Recovery ministry at Morning Star Church and how your church can step into the realm of recovery ministry. Rev. Keith Scarborough is the Care and Recovery Pastor at Morning Star Church in O'Fallon, Missouri. Rev. Shane Laswell is the Pastor of Recovery at Morning Star Church in O'Fallon.

Episode 01: Multiplication with Ken Nash

Rev. Dr. Ken Nash is the lead pastor of Wesleyan Church of Hamburg in Hamburg, New York, and gives practical tips on the concept of multiplication and the “art of reproducing yourself” including the simple and effective FAN method.

Learn + Lead Webinar: Leading Forward

Rev. Jason Byassee will leads our discussion on why and how to lead forward.

Learn + Lead Webinar: Innovative Mission

Rev. Luke Edwards leads our conversation on why and how to innovate mission through Fresh Expressions of the Church.

Learn + Lead Webinar: Breakthrough Prayer

Revs. Sue Nilson Kibbey and Jason Wellman from the West Ohio Conference lead a discussion on breakthrough prayer and its impact.

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