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Season 3, Episode 1: Faith and Resilience at Pitt's Chapel

Pitt's Chapel is a testament to strength in adversity: beginning in times of slavery, through the lynchings of innocent Black men and the subsequent shift that brought Springfield from a population that was 25% Black to the under 5% it is today. Current pastor Rev. Tracey Wolff, Kim Jones, John Huddleston and Charlotte Hardin talk through the history of Pitt's Chapel from its onset through tragedy and onward during the civil rights movement into today.

Engaging Your Community with Cultural Sensitivity

As the United States population becomes increasingly diverse, it is imperative for churches to develop the awareness and skills needed to interact successfully with people from diverse experiences. Methods that work well with a segment of the community may be irrelevant or inappropriate for other segments of the community. As church leaders seeking to connect with the community, we must be willing to be lifelong learners and willing to implement innovative ways of working with a diverse community. This work begins with understanding how culture operates.

Episode 35: Enneagram Personality Types and What Those Numbers Mean with Beth and Jeff McCord

Have you ever wondered, “What is this Enneagram thing I hear my friends, family and coworkers talking about?” Perhaps you know about the Enneagram already and are looking for a deeper dive conversation and resources to live and lead more faithfully into the calling God gave you. In this episode, Beth and Jeff McCord dig into all things Enneagram including the theological discussion behind the Enneagram.

Faith and Race Podcast Season 3 Trailer: The Saints Before Us

“The Saints Before Us” is the theme and focus of season three of the Faith and Race Podcast. It draws on both Hebrews 11, and its description of the cloud of witnesses, and Ephesians 4 with its directive to equip saints for the work of ministry. The phrase “saints before us” invites listeners to consider the duality of its meaning: In that, the new season of the podcast focuses on Missouri’s Black United Methodist Churches and highlights both the work of the saints that came before us and offers an invitation to the saints currently before us to carry that legacy.

Episode 34: GET UP - Burnout to Breakthrough with Rev. Charity Goodwin

A “3” on the Enneagram, mom to two toddlers (one with autism), serving two churches, and a daily rhythm of rippin’ and running’ to get it all done, Charity hit the floor. Literally. After what she describes as an “emotional heart attack,” she began a journey to find herself again and start living into the true purpose and calling God gave her while helping others to do the same.

Care in Transition with Amy Thompson

Conference Lay Leader and LCSW Amy Thompson offers a presentation on self-care during pastoral transitions.

Family Transition Videos

See the stories of real Missouri Methodist families making pastoral transitions with children of all ages. Share these videos with your family. The videos are available for streaming or download on our Vimeo channel.

Healthy Boundaries Introduction

Rev. Kim Jenne, Director of Connectional Ministries offers an introduction to healthy boundaries.

Healthy Boundaries: Communication Boundaries Extras

Rev. Kim Jenne, Director of Connectional Ministries discusses social media and Safe Gatherings best practices.

Healthy Boundaries: Misconduct and Harassment

Rev. Kim Jenne, Director of Connectional Ministries discusses misconduct and harassment including lay on clergy harassment.

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