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Sermons for Sabbath Sundays: Rev. Hank Jenkins

Rev. Hank Jenkins preaches on the hard work of love using 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 & Mark 12:28-31. (20:30 min. run time)

Sermons for Sabbath Sundays: Rev. Nate Berneking

Rev. Nate Berneking preaches on Luke 12:15-31 (NRSV) and asks questions of our place in the ordered world. Through the gift of Mary Oliver's poetry, the parable of the rich farmer, and discussion around care for the land, Rev. Berneking offers a way of experiencing generosity and living abundantly. (18:24 min. run time)

Episode 20: Up-Close and Personal with Sharon Williams

In 2020, Rev. Williams accepted the call to serve as Associate Director for Mission, Service, and Justice for the Missouri Conference. But the journey that took her from her American Baptist roots to the United Methodist tribe can be traced back to her childhood. Hear the stories that influenced her to full-time ministry, the heart God gave her for healing the wounds of racism and what she envisions for the office of Mission, Service and Justice in 2021. About Rev. Williams: A native of ...

The Hybrid Church: Merging Physical and Digital

There was a time when the church focused solely on physical ministry. Then COVID-19 happened, and for months now, the church has put all its energy into digital, learning what it could as fast as it could about how to do church online. But how can these two methods work together? For many, knowing how to do physical and digital ministry at the same time is daunting. This is the mindset behind the phygital church. Our endgame is not the physical building. Nor is it digital ministry. Our ...

Local Church Insurance Resources

Options for insurance for your local church.

Winter Preparedness Checklist

Don't be left out in the cold by walking through your winter preparedness checklists. Winter storms and cold temperatures can have dangerous effects on property and people. Stay safe and healthy by planning ahead. Prepare your home and cars. Prepare for power outages and outdoor activity. Check on older adults. Download and read the full resource below.    Download Here  

Episode 19: How to Minister Through Your Strengths with Adam Mustoe

Adam Mustoe – a Gallup certified Strengths Coach and second-generation pastor, shares how you can unlock and leverage your unique talents and strengths to make the greatest possible contributions possible to your work and ministry. About Adam: Adam Mustoe lives in Kearney, Missouri where he serves as Senior Pastor at First United Methodist Church. As a Gallup Certified Strengths coach part of his mission is to help guide people to the place they are gifted and called. Adam loves being with his ...

Worship Counting Protocols

The Missouri Conference protocol for worship counting.

Episode 18: Multiplication and the “Art of Reproducing Yourself” with Ken Nash

Did you know that in 1776 there were only 65 Methodist congregations in the United States? At that time, only one in 50 people identified as Methodist. By 1850 that number grew exponentially to 13,305 Methodist congregations, and one in three people identified as Methodist. Today we are nowhere near that. What changed? Rev. Dr. Ken Nash is the lead pastor of Wesleyan Church of Hamburg in Hamburg, New York, and has overseen the launching of 15 new campuses or church plants around the country, all...

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