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Digital Resources Related to Substance Abuse in Rural Contexts

Useful websites and tools related to substance abuse in rural contexts.

Digital Resources for the Small Church or Rural Ministry Contexts

Useful websites, funding sources and tools related to ministry in small church or rural ministry contexts.

Season 3, Episode 2: New Life and Legacy in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri. After the 1917 East St. Louis Race Riots in Illinois, much of East St. Louis’s Black population fled the death and destruction and sought new economic opportunities across the river into St. Louis, Missouri. This birthed a new Methodist congregation under Rev. Martin Luther Jackson at Good Samaritan Methodist Episocopal Church. The goal was peace and shelter in a new urban environment. Despite hardships, the congregation is still alive today. Listen in as Pastor Ivan James and longtime church members discuss the life, times and legacy of Samaritan UMC.

Small and Rural Church Recommended Reading List

Recommended reading related to small and rural church contexts.

Missouri Broadband Access Data

Data from the University of Missouri Extension on access to broadband Internet across the state.

Rural Healthcare-Related Resources

Useful data, tools and articles related to the state of healthcare in rural Missouri.

Resources Related to Stress in Farming Communities

Resources highlighting the challenges of mental health for the agricultural community.

Economic Development Resources

Useful websites, tools and organizational resources related to aspects of economic development, such as entrepreneurialism, social capital and funding, in rural communities.

Community Development Resources

Recommended readings as well as useful websites and tools for communities, organizations and churches to consider in conversations around community assessment, collaboration and development.

Economic Halo Effect Handout

Partners for Sacred Places, the Duke Endowment and UNC Charlotte Urban Institute conducted a study to understand the economic impact of rural churches in North Carolina. What the report showed was rural churches impact the economy through six key categories: direct spending, education, magnet effect, individual impact, community service programs and open space.

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