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Healthy Communication Boundaries During Transitions

Rev. Kim Jenne, Director of Connectional Ministries discusses healthy communications during pastoral transitions.

Using MissionInsite For Demographics

MissionInsite can help you understand the demographics of your church's community.

Vision and Execution in a New Setting

Rev. Roger Ross shares elements of the Four Disciplines of Execution and the Ministry Action Plan.

Passing the Baton Move Pack

A guide for pastors in transition

All About Apportionments

Director of Finance and Administration Rev. Nate Berneking discusses apportionments and how they're figured as part of his presentation to the 2020 Licensing School class.

Diversely United Designs for Personal Printing

Show your support for the Missouri Conference's effort to become a brave, empowering place for people from diverse cultures and generations so that we can become a Church for all God’s people. Download a T-shirt design, sticker design, yard sign design and phone wallpaper for your personal use!

Episode 33: From Cuba to Kansas City with Freddy Tames Miraglia

Freddy and his wife Yuri along with their three children answered Gods call to leave Cuba and start a new Hispanic church in Kansas City.

Episode 32: How to Diversify Decision-Making Teams with Nikki Lerner

Learn the first steps to becoming a multicultural leader and practical ways you diversify leadership teams in your church.

Episode 31: The Mission Filter with Rev. Dr. Barry Winders

What if you had a filter that would help you create a more effective planning and decision-making process for fulfilling your mission? Rev. Dr. Barry Winders, a United Methodist ordained elder in the Missouri Conference, talks about what he has learned in his 50 years of ministry and how to improve your decision-making with core ideas and initiatives through The Mission Filter.

Collaborating for Community Impact with Rev. Lia McIntosh

The Black Church is a force for good, especially when it is empowered together. But how can ministry leaders work collaboratively in this unique moment in history? Rev. Lia McIntosh, author of Blank Slate and Church/School/Community, teaches you how to wipe the slate clean and imagine community engagement in a fresh way.

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