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Episode 38: Listening In on the Faith and Race Podcast

On this special edition of the Learn and Lead Podcast, we are taking a break from our regular programing to highlight some important conversations happening on the Faith and Race Podcast.

Recommended Reading on Race and Culture

A list of books specifically related to race and culture.

Episode 37: Reclaiming Rural Ministry with Rev. Allen T. Stanton

In a conversation that highlights churches in rural areas, Rev. Allen T. Stanton describes the challenges and opportunities facing churches in small town America and the unique position they have as potential agents of change within their communities.

Juneteenth Resources

Resources for Juneteenth worship and celebration

Season 3, Episode 6: What We've Learned

Podcast hosts Rev. Sharon Williams, Rev. Russell Ewell and Rev. Fabian Gonzalez discuss some of the things they learned as they interviewed members of the historic Black churches of the Missouri Conference throughout this season.

Greater Things Sermon Series

Sermon planning materials based on our 2022 Annual Conference theme, Greater Things.

Season 3, Episode 5: Social Justice and Taking a Stand at St. James UMC

Kansas City, Missouri. St. James United Methodist Church launched in 1973 when two small churches combined. Listen in as current pastor Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Cleaver III, Robert Silvan and Leola Evans share about the history and experience of the Historically Black Church.

Season 3, Episode 4: Engaging the Community for Justice in St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri. Union Memorial was founded in 1846 on three foundations: Love which is a God-given light from heaven, a spark of that immortal fire which angels share. Faith which binds us to the infinite. Hope, the balm and life-blood of the soul. Union Memorial is unique in many ways, such as hosting W.E.B. Du Bois in 1913 and being the second largest structure of its kind in the United States (a hyperbolic paraboloid shell). The congregation at Union Memorial has a long, proud heritage of community-based social justice.

Episode 36: Fresh Expressions of Church with Rev. Dr. Michael Beck

“Churches do not get healthy and then do mission; churches get healthy by doing mission.” Check out this conversation with Rev. Dr. Michael Beck on Fresh Expressions and how you can form a new faith community in places where people are already gathering in contemporary culture.

Season 3, Episode 3: Keeping Time in KC's Jazz District

Kansas City, Missouri. In 1907, Asbury Chapel and Burn Chapel consolidated to form one church: Centennial Methodist Episcopal Church. In this episode, Rev. Jason Bryles (Centennial’s pastor since July 2016), Paula King (member since 1962), Ramada Davis (member for 48 years) and Donald Rogerson (member for 70 years) discuss Centennial United Methodist Church’s the history and influence on its community — beginning at its founding, continuing through the civil rights movement and into today.

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