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Workplace Policy Guidance Related to COVID-19 Vaccines

In the last few months, nearly half of adults in the United States have received at least one dose of a vaccine protecting against the SARS-COV2 virus and COVID-19. Studies suggest the vaccines offered in the U.S. are highly effective and safe. In some populations, most notably adolescents, the vaccines may approach 100% efficacy. This is great news, even as parts of the country still struggle with outbreaks.

With outbreaks persisting and vaccines on the rise, several questions are coming up with respect to our churches and vaccines. This document is meant to address the most common and pressing of questions.

Please be warned, much of this guidance falls in the realm of common sense. The Office of Finance & Administration, its Director, Rev. Nate Berneking and The Missouri Annual Conference’s Chancellor, Jordan Ault, strongly encourage local churches to use good common sense and to follow the guidance of your local health department. Churches will have more latitude to adopt policies than most employers. But that doesn’t mean such an action is a good idea or without risks. Even with greater protections offered by the First Amendment, common sense is almost always the best rule.

This document is NOT intended as specific legal advice for you or your congregation. Rather, we offer it for educational purposes only. If you or your church needs legal advice, you may always contact Nate Berneking ( If your church would like to explore a formal and written vaccine policy for the church staff or a preschool, you may certainly do that through Jordan Ault’s firm, Husch Blackwell, though the Conference would ask that the fees related to such an endeavor be covered by the local church. You may explore that option by contacting Nate Berneking and visiting the following website: vaccine-policy-generator-for-employers.

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