The Hybrid Church: Merging Physical and Digital

There was a time when the church focused solely on physical ministry. Then COVID-19 happened, and for months now, the church has put all its energy into digital, learning what it could as fast as it could about how to do church online. But how can these two methods work together?

For many, knowing how to do physical and digital ministry at the same time is daunting. This is the mindset behind the phygital church. Our endgame is not the physical building. Nor is it digital ministry. Our endgame is disciple-making. Join digital church planter Jeff Reed as he answers your questions and shares how to thrive, grow, and multiply the physical + digital ministry in this new hybrid model. 

A Note from the Conference Team 
The Missouri Conference of The United Methodist Churches often invites speakers from beyond the denomination to help share wisdom and expertise to better equip our churches. Sometimes, their opinions and sensitivities related to theology and culture are different than our own. Case in point, in this webinar our speaker makes a reference to “pastor’s wives.” The United Methodist Church has been ordaining women since 1957 and we work to refer to “pastor’s spouses” affirming an egalitarian worldview rather than a complementarian one. Even so, we believe Jeff offers valuable insights and wisdom into these topics and hope they serve our laity and clergy to go out and make disciples.


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