Pastoring in Partisan Times with Rev. Dr. Tex Sample

Rising partisanship in our country has made finding common ground difficult. A recent study found that Methodism is one of America’s most politically divided denominations, with both congregants and their pastors roughly split between the Democratic and Republican Parties. This makes the work of a pastor – a spiritual leader to everyone in their pews – hard. Navigating those tensions and modeling new ways of remaining in relationship with those we disagree is not for the weak of heart.

While it is not sure to magically-solve the politically divided world in which we find ourselves, we do hope it will offer you some ideas and encouragement about how to remain true to the Gospel while doing the hard work of living in community with people across the political spectrum.

Our first episode of season two features Rev. Dr. Tex Sample. In July of 2018 Tex Sample became pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Kansas City. He is the Robert B. And Kathleen Rogers Professor Emeritus of Church and Society at The Saint Paul School of Theology where he taught for 32 years. A freelance lecturer and speaker in North America and overseas, he has published 14 books. His book, Blue Collar Ministry, was named a “Judson Classic” by the Judson Press, and his book U. S. Lifestyles and Mainline Churches was the bestseller for Westminster/John Knox Press for over two years. His most recent book is Working Class Rage, available from Abingdon Press.