Local Church Insurance Resources


The Missouri Conference Trustees are responsible for recommending insurance for the churches of our conference. We announced at the 2012 Annual Conference that we are getting out of the insurance business at the conference level. The conference office will no longer collect or distribute payments or be able to advocate on your behalf. The conference based program with UMI ended September 30, 2012. Your local church Trustees are responsible for selecting the insurance provider that is best for your local congregation.

The Conference Trustees have recommended certain minimums that we consider best for adequate coverage. You will find these listed here. As you evaluate companies, please be sure that they are offering you at least these amounts of coverage. To help protect all of us in case of a claim, it is vitally important for you to ask your insurance agent to list the Missouri Conference UMC and your district office as additional insured on your policy. This helps us in case of a claim to make sure that all the legal teams involved keep the best interest of everyone in mind. To list us as additional insured is usually available for free or at a minimal filing charge. If you have questions about this change, please feel free to contact the conference office at (573) 441-1770.

Insurance Providers

To find an agent near you, please use these contacts:

Church Mutual

Brotherhood Mutual

Guide One*
*Some churches listing with this company have been charged a $50 per entity fee to list additional insured.

Grinnell Mutual**
**Some churches listing with this company have been charged a $75 per entity fee to list Additional Insured.