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Leading Worship and Public Prayer with Rev. Fabian Gonzalez

In this course, we will focus on leading worship and public prayer. In our first session, the focus is on the history of worship from the early church, leading up to modern worship. Session two will center around the elements of worship, and the why behind each of these elements. Session three focuses on the presider of the service, the importance of body language, pacing and how to engage an audience. Session four takes a practical look at putting all of those elements together.

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About the Instructor

Rev. Fabian Gonzalez has been married to his best friend Krista since 2015. He has been in ministry since 2016 and is the oldest child of four of two Mexican immigrants. Fabian grew up Roman Catholic, but he had a period of life when he identified as an atheist. He came to faith through a series of various events, curiosity, a desire for depth and meaning, as well as a few mystical experiences. And eventually Fabian found his calling to ministry in the UMC. As a science major, he has been curious of the intersection of faith and science. As the son of immigrants, he is interested in the justice and liberative work of Jesus. He's also passionate and feel comfortable speaking with those who would consider themselves non-religious, or spiritual but not religious, which is why he enjoys alternative worship experiences that are authentic and create space for various perspectives.

This course is one of four within the Digging Deeper pathway for laity learning and discernment. Courses on the Digging Deeper pathway are required for individuals pursuing either Certified Pulpit Supply or Certified Lay Minister in the Missouri Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. To learn more, visit