Rural Healthcare-Related Resources

Useful data, tools and articles related to the state of healthcare in rural Missouri.


Use this updated data dashboard to learn about healthcare and the health factors influencing the community you serve.

About exploreMOhealth
exploreMOhealth was created in partnership between Missouri Foundation for Health and the MHA Health Institute, the not-for-profit corporation affiliated with the Missouri Hospital Association. By combining their resources they have created one of the most unique health-related datasets in the country. Data is the key to diagnosing and addressing some of our region’s most pressing health issues, and by making this information available to the public, both organizations are furthering their missions to improve health and the health care system.

Health in Rural Missouri Report

The 2018-2019 Health in Rural Missouri report uses the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) lens to examine health behaviors, health outcomes, and access to healthcare issues by looking at where people were born, live, and work. This report focuses on five of the most important SDOHs impacting rural health: economic stability, neighborhoods and built environment, health and healthcare, social and community context, and education.

The “Follow-Up” Appointment - Washington Post article by Eli Saslow

For many people in medical debt, a trip to the emergency room leads to the courtroom. Saslow tells the story of how high medical costs impact rural Missouri.