Grieving Together Webinar Training

Grief is a tricky topic, but it’s one we don’t have to navigate alone. Offering support is a community effort that can be intentionally fostered. Rev. David and Elaine Howlett offer an introduction to building a supportive community around grief for local church pastors and laity.
David is an associate pastor at Christ UMC in Independence. David and Elaine are certified in “Death and Grief Studies” from the Center for Loss and Life Transition, directed by Dr. Alan Wolfelt. During their five-week training, they learned Wolfelt’s method based around companioning. The griever takes the lead, teaching the companion about their story of pain and loss. The companion listens with empathy and compassion, from the position of having a solid understanding of grief and mourning. David and Elaine will share how this works practically in their ministry, The Mourning Center.

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These resources, and many others, can be ordered from The Center for Loss and Life Transition, Fort Collins, CO. You can call 970-226-6050 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (mountain time) to place a phone order. For secure online ordering go to:

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To integrate loss and to move forward with a life of meaning and love, you must have hope.