Season 1, Episode 7: Institutional Racism and Justice Movements, Then and Now with Dr. Cassandra Gould

About This Episode

Host Connor Kenaston interviews Rev. Dr. Cassandra Gould, who is the pastor of Queen Chapel UME Church in Jefferson City. She is also the Vice President of the African American Clergy Coalition of Mid-Missouri and the Executive Director of the Missouri Faith Voices. 

“History records a lot of the racial tensions and even as we start to talk about institutional racism and systemic racism. So in Alabama, the book is wide open, you can read all about it. But what I saw in St. Louis was more covert racism. You could just feel in the air, that I was not accustomed to really feeling that when I was in Alabama. I also saw a system that demanded that as people of color that you had a role and you had a place and you dare not get out of that place. I saw more of a spirit of resistance in Alabama ..."

"I am walking around in a pop-up book of my mother’s history ... Is this the experience of my mother and others in Birmingham when it was describe ... This happened in 1776, this happened in 1964, but I am not supposed to know how it feels for this to happen ... It seems like the only thing that has changed in the clock."


In This Episode

1:10 Racism In Alabama vs. St. Louis
3:38 “As Far as We Have Come, We Have Not Come Far”
7:00 How Does Institutional Racism Differ From Other Types of Racism
11:25 The Waters of Injustice and Racism
13:10 Colorblind Policies
17:44 Biblical Foundations for Middle Class People of Faith
22:50 Final Words: Justice As a Marathon