Season 2, Episode 8: Who Lynched Willie Earle with Revs. Will Willimon and Willis Johnson

About This Episode

In this episode, we listen to a live panel with Revs. Will Willimon and Willis Johnson. Rev. Will Willimon is the former dean of the chapel at Duke University. Rev. Willis Johnson was the pastor of Wellspring Church in Ferguson when Michael Brown was killed by the police and for the uprisings that followed.

“I hope I presented myself in my book as a recoverinig racist. Mine was a gentile, nice kind of racism ... I hope I presented this: I’m a sinner. I do other sin, other than racism. But I know it’s subtlety, I know it waves and morphs into other things.”

“Don’t talk about a sin as deep as racism, centuries deep, bred into us, part of the fabric of American society, don’t talk about that unless you believe that God will forgive us. Unless you believe Jesus Christ died for sinners. If you believe that it is actually possible to not have an ugly defensive conversation.”


In This Episode

1:00 Why This Work
4:45 Awakening and God’s Work
9:30 The American Lynching and The Cross (James Cone)
14:30 Speaking about Race As a White Preacher
17:30 The Injustice Inflicted by Good People
26:45 What Would You Stand in the Door For?
30:22 The Joy of Admitting You’re a Sinner