Season 2, Episode 7: Women in the Church and the Power of Prayer with Rev. Lia McIntosh

About This Episode

In this episode, guest host Nick Rhinehart interviews Rev. Lia McIntosh, the a missional strategist for the Center for Congregational Excellence in the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church.

“We planted that church in an urban area in Kansas City. It was as a pastor in an urban area that I realized the social and practical needs of people were not separate from their spiritual needs. That in order to be the church, we had to have a holistic gospel. The beauty of that is that our Wesleyan Theology is very much that. So the work of social justice and the work of the church is one. It’s not a separate body of work.”

“The downfall of segregation is that we fail to see the full humanness of our whole community if we only do life with people who are like us. We don’t see the fullness of God that is lived out in people who are very different, whose life experiences and journeys have been different from ours. That is where we connect with the richness of humanity, at the intersection of people and experiences and theology that are different.”


In This Episode

1:10 Upbringing and Calling as a Woman in Ministry Leadership
3:30 Coaching and Working in Social Justice
7:30 How We Can Learn to Listen Well
14:00 Experience with Race in the UMC Church
18:15 How Ferguson Has Affected the Missouri UMC Church and God’s Call on the Church
21:50 Advice for Leaders
23:00 A Blessing for Women in Ministry