Season 2, Episode 2: Being Honest with Ourselves with Rev. David Gilmore

About This Episode

Join host Connor Kenaston as he talks with Rev. David Gilmore, who served for 20 years in the U.S. navy, and later as a pastor in Missouri, before becoming the Heartland District Superintendent in 2020.

“We are strongest when we are caring for our community.”

“To truly address and remedy where we are, we have to be honest about how we got there.”


In This Episode

00:45 Growing Up as a Pastor's Kid and Finding a Calling
2:30 What He Learned About Community by Serving the Church
3:30 African Americans in the UMC
9:30 What if the Church Saw Everyone As God’s Child
11:10 Being a Black Male Pastor in a Predominantly White Denomination
13:45 Loving Hard and Speaking Truth to Power
19:55 Last Message