Season 2, Episode 1: Identity as a Light-Skinned, Black Person with David Hartsfield

About This Episode

In this first episode of season 2, host Connor Kenaston talks to David Hartsfield. Hartsfield is a political scientist who has done research work in West Africa. He speaks to growing up as a light-skinned Black person in the United States and how that compares with other countries he has experienced.

“I grew up Black. Those were the days we weren’t African Americans, we were Black and we were claiming that as being proud of it. Black Power – we wanted to be known as Black.”


In This Episode

0:55  Growing Up as Lighter Skinned Black Man
3:30 White Society’s Perspective of a Light Skinned Black Man
5:12 Being Light-Skinned Black in West Africa
6:00 Family History
7:45 Cultural Differences in Western African Countries vs. The US
10:56 The Government's Role in Racial Justice
14:49 Role of Faith in Racial Injustice
17:30 Life as a Mixed-Race Family
18:45 Seeing People as People