Season 1, Episode 5: Black Theology with Rev. Dr. William Johnson III

About This Episode

Host Connor Kenaston interviews Rev. Dr. William Johnson III speaks to the theology of racial justice and reconciliation. Rev. Dr. Johnson is a native of St. Louis and served as minister in several churches before becoming chaplain at Christian Hospital in St. Louis and as Minister of Young Adults and Cross-Cultural Ministry Outreach at University Methodist Church.

“The good Samaritan story begins with the priest and the Levite. Each of them having some commitments of their own. But those commitments are in a place of what their priorities are about being part of a larger group. The Samaritan in this story is one who is already excluded, who has no place, who is not afforded the privilege of having a voice. But then his voice becomes the loudest because Jesus uses this story to indicate that the blessings of our lives are demonstrated not by our colors but what we do; how we care for each other, how we love each other.”

“God always stands on the side of the oppressed, whoever they are. Whether they are Black, in America, whether they are women in America, whether they are Hispanic Americans, whether they are Muslim, God always stands on the sides of ... people around the world who find themselves under the foot of oppression, no matter where that is. Black theology tapped into that.”


In This Episode

1:25 How Did Jesus Deal with Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Differences
2:15 All One in Christ Jesus? Unity Amid Diversity
3:30 Slavery in the Bible vs. Freedom and Liberty
6:45 What Does Black Theology Mean
7:30 Masters Thesis: Institutional vs Individual Evil
9:00 A Definition of Privilege
10:30 Reconciliation and Justice
12:15 How does White Imagery Affect You
14:30 Effects of Voluntary Desegregation Programs
19:00 A Message for Our Sons and Daughters: Thinking Through Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin