Season 1, Episode 1: Why We Need to Talk about Race with Cody Collier

About This Episode

In our first episode, host Connor Kenaston talks to Rev. Cody Collier about why it is important for people of faith to talk about race within the Church, finding our identity in Christ and tools in building inclusiveness.

“The conversation about race in the Church also has a long way to go. American churches remain largely segregated and race issues can be a tricky topic to know how to engage from the pulpit. For the exception of observing in January Dr. King’s celebration. The very subject of race and inclusiveness creates for many churches fear, shame, guilt and challenges to our assumptions. Now that is something I would really like to change. The discussion of race is essential if we are truly to be the hands and heart and face of Christ in a very, sometimes violent, and divisive time.” 

In This Episode

0:55 Why Is It Important to Talk About Race in Church
3:43 The Social Principles of the UMC Church
5:10 Race Conversations in Less Diverse Areas
7:00 Experiences with Diversity in the Church
11:00 The Value of Diversity in Leadership
13:30 Inclusiveness and Diversity
17:00 Life as a Work-in-Progress
19:00 Moving Forward Through Disagreements