Episode 36: Fresh Expressions of Church with Rev. Dr. Michael Beck

Churches do not get healthy and then do mission; churches get healthy by doing mission.” Check out this conversation with Rev. Dr. Michael Beck on Fresh Expressions and how you can form a new faith community in places where people are already gathering in contemporary culture.

About Michael Beck

Rev. Dr. Michael Beck is a pastor, professor and author. He is a spiritual guide who helps people heal, love and unleash imagination to create better lives, organizations and communities. Beck and his wife Jill are co-pastors of Wildwood UMC in Wildwood, Florida; St. Marks UMC in Ocala, Florida; and a network of 13 fresh expressions led by laity that gather in tattoo parlors, dog parks, burrito joints and digital spaces. They direct an inpatient rehab center, a shelter for those experiencing homelessness and an anti-racism movement.

He serves as the director of Fresh Expressions for the Florida Conference of the UMC, director of the Fresh Expressions House of Studies at United Theological Seminary and director of ReMissioning for Fresh Expressions US. Beck has a passion for helping laity and clergy plant new forms of church. He helps church leaders across the globe follow Jesus in fresh and exciting ways. In addition to teaching as an adjunct professor at several seminaries, he coaches, trains and educates leaders internationally across a broad theological spectrum and has consulted with hundreds of churches, districts, denominations, networks, synods and dioceses.

Beck earned a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary and a Doctorate in Semiotics and Future Studies at Portland Seminary with his mentor Leonard Sweet. He’s the author of eight books and is considered a global thought leader in the missional church movement.

You can learn more at: Dr. Michael Adam Beck – Your Weakness Is Your Superpower

Find Michael's books at: Amazon.com: Michael Adam Beck: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle