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Episode 35: Enneagram Personality Types and What Those Numbers Mean with Beth and Jeff McCord

Have you ever wondered, “What is this Enneagram thing I hear my friends, family and coworkers talking about?” Perhaps you know about the Enneagram already and are looking for a deeper dive conversation and resources to live and lead more faithfully into the calling God gave you. In this episode, Beth and Jeff McCord dig into all things Enneagram including the theological discussion behind the Enneagram.

Helpful Resources in this Episode


Beth and Jeff  McCord are the founders of Your Enneagram Coach, an organization that uses the enneagram tool to help people see themselves with astonishing clarity through the lens of the Gospel, so they can break free from self-condemnation, fear, and shame by knowing and experiencing the unconditional love, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ. Beth (a Type 9) is an Enneagram speaker, coach and teacher and has been trained by enneagram experts and has poured hundreds of hours into advanced certifications. She is now leading the industry in simplifying the deep truths of the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective. Her husband Jeff (a Type 6) has a Master of Divinity as well as multiple certifications in pastoral counseling, family and church mediations, and Gospel coaching. The Enneagram transformed their life, family and ministry, and they have been helping others to do the same ever since. Beth and Jeff live outside of Nashville and has been married for 23 years. They have two adult children, Nate (a Type 6, Loyal Guardian) and Libby (a Type 2, Supportive Advisor).