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Episode 18: Multiplication and the “Art of Reproducing Yourself” with Ken Nash

Did you know that in 1776 there were only 65 Methodist congregations in the United States? At that time, only one in 50 people identified as Methodist. By 1850 that number grew exponentially to 13,305 Methodist congregations, and one in three people identified as Methodist. Today we are nowhere near that. What changed? Rev. Dr. Ken Nash is the lead pastor of Wesleyan Church of Hamburg in Hamburg, New York, and has overseen the launching of 15 new campuses or church plants around the country, all led by laypersons from the local church. He shares practical tips on the concept of multiplication and the “art of reproducing yourself” including the simple and effective FAN method.


About Ken: Rev. Dr. Ken Nash serves as the Lead Pastor at the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg near Buffalo, New York.  His doctoral research involved the training and sending of laypersons to launch multi-site campuses.  He is currently on staff at Asbury Theological Seminary as a dissertation coach.  Ken is a frequent conference speaker and consultant for churches throughout the country.  He is an avid sports fan and adventurist having recently completed a marathon across the Grand Canyon.  His lively and creative teaching style will keep you engaged in the material and will give you a desire to live out what you have just learned.  Ken married his college sweetheart, and they have three teenagers and a three year old son with Down Syndrome and lots of smiles.

Hosts: Roger Ross and Lia McIntosh