Episode 16: Faith, Suffering, and Alpha with Kelly Morton

Episode Description

A conversation about meeting Jesus at mile marker 164 on I-55 south, losing a child to an overdose, and walking out that pain by leading Alpha one of the most fruitful and evangelistic ministries of our time.

About Kelly: Kelly Morton loves to talk with people about most anything, especially faith. Being an only child and moving around a lot as a kid she learned young how to converse with people from all walks and backgrounds-a skill that has come in handy more than once in her life! If she is not engaged with someone talking about life you can often find her sitting on her porch reading, caring for her potted jungle and watching the bird’s flit by. Coming to faith late in life (through many strange and interesting happenings and people) has changed everything. She describes herself as an “unintentional seeker of Jesus who was met with the radical mercy, love and grace of Jesus Christ” and hasn’t looked back. Because of this she is passionate to share her journey of faith, especially with those who do not see themselves as people who need or want Jesus in their lives.