Dealing With Small Group Killers

We’ve all been there. A new group has formed, and its members are excited about its potential. But, before the group realizes it, it becomes hijacked by someone who uses the group as their personal therapy session. One-by-one group members begin showing up less and less. Or the group that never got going because all its members seemed to be infected by a spiritual malaise where the facilitator offered new discussion starters only to have the group stare back at her passively? Small groups are made up of people, so they will have challenges. Some common small group bad behaviors include: neediness, noncompliance, passivity, overtalking, aggression, narcissism and spiritualization, There are many ways to kill a small group and some groups are more creative than others. Dynamics determine the vitality and the sustainability of any group. There are ways of managing those dynamics that allow for a transformational experience among even the most diverse of participants.